Cast Steel Valves


      Cast steel valves suitable for works demanding strength, shock resistance, elongation and heat resistance.
Bottom seating of seat rings ground accurately for maximum strength and tightness. Bypass mounting to equalize pressures. Normal yoke bushing furnished with ductility resistant to high melting point of above 2200
°F. Level and weight available to accelerate/decelerate disc closing.
Designed for maximum flow with minimum pressure drop if possible. Precision-ground seating surfaces and revolving disc providing a long life.


In the refineries, power plants, utilities and petrochemical/chemical process industries, PK cast steel valves have been regarded as of great importance about their excellent performance and reliability.
By discriminatory blending of carefully selected materials combined with sound design and precision machining/assembly under strict quality controls, PK steel valves have gained general and wide acceptance. The products are manufactured in accordance with ASTM, ANSI, or other international standards.


·        Gate


·        Globe


·        Swing Check


·        Tilting Check


·        Y – Globe


·        Angle Globe


Production Materials :


Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Special Alloy Steel, ASME SA designation material.