Valveless Self-priming pump

     World chemical pumps are used for circulating/transferring liquid in the surface finishing production line of electronic parts/automotive parts, water treatment facilities or exhaust gas treatment facilities. Various pumps are provided for each usage such as processing in chemical plant, FPD/PWB plating, waste water treatment, etching or electroless nickel/de smear treatment. World patented valveless mechanism: Worlds fastest instantaneous suction at 5cubic meters.


World patented valveless mechanism:

           Worlds fastest instantaneous suction at 5cubic meters. Sufficient amount of priming water is retained to restart without a check valve. Superior durability for dry running by bushing mechanism for heat radiation and insulation.


Big GV


      Self-priming magnet drive pump which is resisted to slurry/sludge. High efficiency motor (IE2) is installed as standard and energy saving. Safty and easy maintenance for back pull out method. It is possible to transfer the liquid with slurry/sludge for installing "Impeller wearing".



Examples of Use


=> For transferring liquid from the top tanks, or environmental/earthquake countermeasures.

=> For pumping liquid up from high or deep tanks.

=> For up and down piping.

=> For easy gas locked liquid.

=> For transferring high specific gravity liquid.











Maximum capacity                                                    : 415L/min

Maximum total head                                                  : 30.0m

Operating temperature limit                                       : GV: 70°C / GVF: 60°C

Motor output                                                            : 0.4 to 3.7kW


Big GV


Maximum capacity                                                    : 1300L/min

Maximum total head                                                 : 25.0m

Motor output                                                            : 3.7 to 7.5kW