Vertical sealless pump


       World chemical pumps are used for circulating/transferring liquid in the surface finishing production line of electronic parts/automotive parts, water treatment facilities or exhaust gas treatment facilities. Various pumps are provided for each usage such as processing in chemical plant, FPD/PWB plating, waste water treatment, etching or electroless nickel/de smear treatment.


      High corrosion-resistant resin is adopted on Pump body. Impeller is the special structure. There is no trouble caused by heat generation or abrasion, because of the sealles structure. As standard, Cut seal is equipped on some models to prevent liquid leaks. The pump weight is reduced, because the frame is made of aluminium and the base is made of resin. As standard, Dry seal is equipped for gas controls.


Examples of Use


VK series

It is possible to use the pump in/out of a tank. Perfect for a circulating pump in scrubber systems.


VP series

High pressure pump. For PWB and etching machines.


2500VK, 20Y0VK 

For gold plating equipments.

It is easy to use the pump in tank when loosing Discharge flange. (YD-2500VK).


VK series

Specific gravity 1.1.


VP series

Specific gravity 1.4.